Creative Futures

The work in this exhibition was made by graduate students and early-career scholars who accepted our open invitation to find creative, visual ways to communicate their research. This community of scholar-artists drew upon their existing work to make connections across their disciplines, media, and geography through a year-long series of meetings and critiques. As a collective, they have made a show about  un/equal distributions of power, our interconnectedness, and the impacts of one voice.

Throughout the exhibition, you will find invitations to look back at the technology surveilling us, opportunities to consider our place in physical-digital worlds, and speculative models for ways to be in relationship to one’s biographical, diagnostic, historical data. Many works foreground the richness and specificity of lived experiences as they are mis/aligned with norms and conventions while others consider power dynamics with/in the sociotechnical.   Throughout, you will find projects that allow you to have tactile interactions with ephemeral-digital ideas. As your body moves through this show, we encourage you to approach these works with curiosity and allow your body to look, see, hear, touch, play and find yourself in the work.

  • 2023 Creative Futures Call For Participation

    Graduate students and junior faculty are invited to participate in a mentored creative project development group. This group is for scholars interested in doing or presenting research through visual, material, or otherwise creative means. HASTAC 2023 invites us to “engage with creative and design-based approaches to technology and education, particularly around issues of social justice […]

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